The main European watershed

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Here you are at a point between two seas - the Black and Baltic.

The rivers that fill the basins of the Black and Baltic Seas originate in Roztochia. Thus, it is not surprising that Yavoriv National Nature Park is called The Territory “between two seas”.

The waters of the Dnister, the Vereshchytsia River with its tributaries the Stavchanka and the Stara River, rush to the Black Sea. And the Baltic Sea is filled with the waters of more than 10 rivers that start from our park. These are: Rata, Bila, Moshchanka, Derevenka, Chervonets, Kyslianka, Svynia, Mlynivka, Briukhovychanka, Poltva, Marunka, Shklo River and others.

The route “Main European Watershed” runs along the so-called “ridge”, where you can admire the unique landscape of the park - the landscape of Dubrovytsia. Here you can see the largest absolute heights in Roztochia - 370-400 meters, the steepness of the slopes reaches 20-60 degrees. The territory is covered mainly with beech and hornbeam-beech forests. There are areas with pine forests, and in the valleys of the rivers, you can see common groups of gray and black alder.

Roztochia Watersheds were at the same time the eternal routes of communication - permanent highways through which trade routes were set. In the XVII-XVIII centuries, the watershed crossed the “royal road” - an important historical route from Lviv to Warsaw. There is a cross that draws the attention of tourists, which witnessed the eviction of residents of surrounding villages during the creation of the Yavoriv military training area. And abandoned orchards, a stork's nest on an old pear tree suggest that life once flourished here.

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Black Lakes Cascade

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Black Lakes are three beautiful ponds with absolutely black water. And this is due to the peat bottom and lining the bottom with alder cones. If you wash your hands in this water, the skin will be soft, like after a cream. Among the herbaceous plants, the round-leaved wintergreen attracts attention. Also in these areas grows a predatory plant sundew, which attracts with its juice and eats insects.

CC BY-SA 4.0, Вікісховище

If you wash your hands in the water of the lake - they will be as if moistened with cream. This is due to the special chemical composition of water.

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Recreational reservoirs of Vereshchytsia

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On the territory of the Vereshchytsia recreation center, two reservoirs are fully functioning: one is for swimming, rowing boats and catamarans, and the other is for fishing.

The reservoir for recreational fishing is equipped with fishing bridges and summer canopies. The lake is stocked here every year. The pond for swimming is being arranged, the beach, showers, and toilets are under construction process.

Details, rent of arbors and houses: 03259 3-31-35096 46 00780 - Iryna (Yavoriv district, Lviv region, Vereshchytsia village)

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Roztochia Nature Reserve

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Here begin their way rivers and streams that flow into the Dnister, and then flow to the Black and Baltic Seas. Roztochia is located on the main European watershed. On the territory of the reserve the relief is hilly. Vereshchytsia and its tributary Stavchanka rivers flow here.

The reserve presents unique forest and swamp vegetation. Natural forests have been preserved here, where pines, oaks, beeches, firs, spruces, sycamores, hornbeams, ashes, maples, elms, and lindens grow together.

The peculiarity of Roztochia is that in this area there is a great variety of birds. They live or nest here, or fly to spend the winter. The birds also stop during their migration. So coming to Roztochia with binoculars to watch the birds is always a good idea.

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